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I have never seen a software crash as much as since windows 95 !!!

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I have never seen a software crash as much as since windows 95 !!!

I can't take this software anymore. For a Beta version is not so bad, but when will the final version ? 😡


No software thinks like that anymore, and it's not my fault anymore, my libraries are all updated...



Capture d’écran 2022-12-14 à 17.15.47.png


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I'm now doing commercial work so have had to get a Fusion license and leave Eagle 7 behind.

I've experienced more crashes in Fusion Electronics in the last month than I did in 8 years of

using Eagle 7 on (complex) personal/hobbyist projects.

The recovery files are usually a mess and usually out of sync. 

It is very embarrassing that I suggested Fusion Electronics as the commercial tool of use

based on my previous good experience with Eagle and it is costing a lot of wasted time.


Maybe some time spent on robustness rather than new features, please!

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Thanks and what a pity because I am sure this software can to be a very good CAD, but please solve all the old problems before add news fonctions PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Eagle was so much stable and quick !!!! and NEVER crash !!!!!!!!!😩 please come back to Eagle...

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