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I cont save an electronics design.

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I cont save an electronics design.

when I try to save the design it gives me the error," Derive references can only be created in the same hub and within the same project. please select a design that meets these criteria." the layout and schematic are both saved in the same folder but it keeps giving me this error.

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Thanks for your asking.
From the screenshot, the linked schematic, PCB and PCB3d are not the same ones in data panel.
So, when you click save button to save electronics design, you need pick a place to save, the default place the folder display in data panel.
I'm not sure your purpose. If want to use the files which are displayed in data panel. You can create another electronics design to reference them. If you want to use the linked files in current electronics design. Current solution is, double click the node in electronics design to open them, then save as them the current place, them create a electronics design to reference them.

Hope it can help you.!fusion error.jpg

Cathy Wang
Software Engineer
Fusion 360 Team
Autodesk, Inc.

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