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How to use Fusion 360 and Eagle to incorporate a pcb into an existing Fusion 360 3D design.

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How to use Fusion 360 and Eagle to incorporate a pcb into an existing Fusion 360 3D design.

I have a 3D Design and an Associative PCB in Fusion 360. In Eagle I have an Schematic and a Board.


I want to design the PCB outline in the 3D Design of Fusion according to the space I have in the thing I'm building, Import (Pull) it into Eagle, put some components in Eagle and Upload (Push) it to Fusion again. I've got here so far.


From my 3D design I can change the board Outline modifying the original sketch In the 3D design, I can successfully pull it from fusion into eagle and see how the 3D PCB changes, I can put components In eagle and Push it to Fusion....


This is the problem:

But, I Obviously want to have the 3D PCB into the 3D Design so I can make holes for connectors and other components but the Option "Insert Into Current Design" leads me to a Circular Reference Error.


No way I'm not able to design an outline and have the 3D PCB into the same 3D Desing. So I guess I'm doing something wrong but I don't see it.


I have: 

Fusion 360 v2.0.13162

Eagle Premium 9.6.2

Windows 10

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in reply to: mrwilliam932

Hi, @mrwilliam932 


I guess you have derived 3D PCB from sketch profile in general 3D design. Inserting derived 3D PCB into derive source is not allowed, since it would result in circular dependency.

The solution is to create a new design and then insert both origin design and 3D PCB into it.


Hope that helps,




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in reply to: mrwilliam932

This can't be how this feature is intended to work. We're supposed to generate a sketch in design A, create a 3D PCB in design B, and then insert both design A and design B into design C? What's the point of integrating all of these features if you need to manually combine them at the end? Eagle works at a fundamental level based on two design files (your schematic and your board) integrating with each other. It's like telling me I need to create another Eagle file to put my board and schematic back together...

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Hi @jordanJM463,


There are other ways to do this. The EIP workflow is a good middle ground that avoids the circular redundancy issue. See this video for more details. We have timestamps on it so you don't have to watch the whole thing if you are in a rush.

Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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