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How to simple text and then graphics such as Logo onto Fusion Circuit Board

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How to simple text and then graphics such as Logo onto Fusion Circuit Board

After a couple of weeks learning, I've got my first relative complicated PCB needing final touches. I''d read what I can find (all in Eagle) and tried things through Fusion with bad, or no results.


Logo: I edited a logo into monochrome gray scale, and sized it 1:1 to about 1 1/2" wide in Paint. Note, Fusion specifically needs BMP and would not accept TIFF BMP which ought to be pretty simple to include.  I ran the ULP. I could find no way to place it, tried changes to the filtering and changing the current layer to try and isolate it form traces and the like.  All that wound up happening was removing the logo AND traces back to airwire.  The Undo arrow did nothing and I could not get rig of it. It needed different placement and apparently a lot smaller scale despite my sizing prior to Fusion. I wound up selecting little rectangles one by one to take it out. and then .....


Plain text:  Could not find help on this other than Eagle, no obvious icons or insert means when using 2D PCB layout. I could do it fine in Schematic however. So I tried typing TEXT into the command line, and got a box to type into, some size and alignment options, and pressed OK.  Could find nothing on the screen or attached to cursor. Tried it this on different current layers, same problem. These should be simple top or bottom silk screen marking whether text or a logo.  How is this supposed to  be done?

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I tried to do this also but could not figure it out.


I added text by going to the Document ribbon bar, and then clicking the draw menu and used the text option. It does let me place it on the board and manipulate it. On the DRC it flagged the text as non vector so I changed the type to vector and ran the DRC again. It then flags it with "width" but there is no explanation as to why and how to fix it (or whether I need to fix it).


So I am also stuck and just need to add some text to the board as a finishing touch. Did you every figure this out?

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I think I may have just figured this out. My process above seems to have worked as long as I add the text to the tPlace and bPlace layers. I am hoping those layers will show up in the Gerber files. They did pass the DRC.

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