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How to select technologies of a part in schematic?

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How to select technologies of a part in schematic?

Hi, I am creating a library of parts. For a resistor I want to have several values available with all the correct attributes for each value. I have been able to do this using the command line in the library.


But how are you meant to see and select which technologies a part in your schematic is using? Only way I can see how do do this is add a part then select replace part and click through to the library -> part -> and then there will be a list of the the technologies I have created. But is there a better way?


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So I found how to do this not longer after posting this question. I will heave it here in case anyone has the same issue. (Does not seem to be much about this online). Let me know if you know a better way.


You can choose the technology of a part before dragging it in to you schematic using the 'Select Attribute set' in the 'Place components window:

Screenshot 2023-03-31 at 10.42.25 am.png

If you have already added a part, you can use the Modify -> Change (c) -> Technology to select a different technology:

Screenshot 2023-03-31 at 10.46.20 am.png

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