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how to reduce isolation width

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how to reduce isolation width



I'm really struggling on trying to find a way to reduce the isolation width on my pcb.

for each wire, I have an isolation of 0.6mm on both side, and would like to reduce it to 0.2mm.

I tried to change the "isolation" parameter in the "modify" section, but it only changes the wire width and not the isolation width...

I've attached a sample

thanks in advance for your help




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ok... seems I found the settings, even, very hard to use ...

this is related to "pour copper" in fusion360. I have to change the "isolate" parameter to change the spaces.


best regards


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I'm not certain what setting you found, but if you select one of the polygon edges, the isolate parameter sets the minimum distance between it and another signal. I say minimum because polygon fills are not allowed to violate DRC, so you must also change the clearance values if you want the distance to be less than 6 mils.

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Hi @burfin 


I'd like to give some basic information on this topic:  There are several places you would have to check.

  • There are the clearance values in the Design Rules. Rules DRC/ERC menu, DRC command in 2D PCB editor
    In the Clearance tab, please check the value for Wire - Wire
  • You might have net classes defined that are valid for certain signals in the layout; Check the settings
    in Rules DRC/ERC menu, CLASS command. Is there a value for Clearance set?
  • Check the properties of your polygon. There can be set a value for Isolate

Hope this helps.



Richard Hammerl


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