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How to move a selected PCB within the confines of a panel?

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How to move a selected PCB within the confines of a panel?



I have a PCB that I've placed in a 12x12" panel so that I can cut multiple boards from a single sheet of FR4. (Picture attached.) I can't quite figure out how to move/align the PCBs that I've placed. I can select all the attributes/layers of any single PCB that I've placed, but the alignment tools do nothing, and trying to move them with the mouse usually just ends up dragging the nearest line to some point or another.


How can I align and evenly distribute these PCBs on this panel?




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Hi @jwilkins8475,


I hope you're doing well. Currently Fusion 360 by default isn't setup to handle panels properly. If you look in your design any board that has a grey interior is actually considered a void within the big panel PCB. Currently Fusion 360 assumes only one PCB per design file, so there really isn't a good way to work with a panel. There are workarounds but they are tedious.


For your specific issue, you'll just have to align them manually. Go into Preferences > Electronics and uncheck the detect Board shape box.  This will keep Fusion from trying to treat your panel as just one big PCB, it will get rid of the voids. You will however lose the ability to make a proper 3D PCB, not a big deal with a panel, just letting you know why it's important.


Looking at the picture, it looks like you have dimensions on the copper layers. I would recommend changing that to the Measures layer, otherwise you'll end up with those dimensions in copper and it could create some shorts.


Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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