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How to fork a electronic design correct?

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How to fork a electronic design correct?


what I need to do is to end the electronic design at one point and quote it with finished. After that I would like to add a complete new design but do not want to start from scratch but keep on using the finished design for further enhancements to reach a new finished version and so on. If a design is manufactured it should be halted at that version and a completly new design should be started on the top of this outcome.

At the moment I use milestone for this but in fact it is not what I really want. If I f.e. design a test design and want to use it for starting point of more then one design than I run into this problem. How to disconnect correctly all the links in the design and how to copy to a really fresh location?




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in reply to: HarrySatt

Hi @HarrySatt,


you could mark your finished design as a milestone, that's a good idea. 

For continuing with a new project you could then just create a new electronics design, and then link to your existing schematic and board, BUT be sure to check the Create a copy option in the file dialog.


Best regards,


Richard Hammerl

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Sounds useful. Are there all links set to the new (copied) design so that I can rename the SCH, BRD the folder and generated 3D to other names and assemblies. Or do I have to change the links in assemblies to newly created 3D designs.

Regards, Harald


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in reply to: HarrySatt

Hi @HarrySatt ,


When you follow Richard's procedure, you get a completely separate copy so you don't have to worry about poluting the original design you copied from. 


Hope this helps.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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