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how to create library(?) device(s) for set of LED colors ?

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how to create library(?) device(s) for set of LED colors ?

I need to have a set of LEDs where each one has a part number and a lens color. They all share the same symbol and footprint. The Package only differs by the lens color.


What is the proper way to create these?


I attempted to create a single device with multiple packages. The device tree has the device, the symbol, the footprint, and one package. The footprint has all of the packages.


Each package was created from the footprint tab using "Attach copy of 3D model".

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As far as i can tell, the main part of a device is the symbol, the footprint, and the Spice models use this as a glue. The 3D model can be attached to a single footprint. (ie. a vertical3mm LED)

can can have variant(Blue, White, etc. )

The symbol can have several footprints as long as the pin count is the same.

If you want the symbol to reflect the color, you will need a symbol for each one.


I hope this helps

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in reply to: mjenkins5720

I have read conflicting directions.


In one example it said to create the symbol first, then the package, then the device. Another said to create the symbol, then the device, then the package. A third said to create the device, then symbol, then the footprint.


I am trying to find the correct steps to create a device (or library) for a set of LEDs withing a manufacturer's family of components.


Each component has a different part number, the same symbol, the same footprint, and a similar package (in the case of LEDs the lens is different).


Here is an example fro Kingbright: APTR3216SURCK, APTR3216CGCK, APTR3216QBC/D, APTR3216F3C, APTR3216P3BT

These represent a red LED, green LED, blue LED, IR, and Phototransistor.


Is this a single device or a single library?


How do I maximize commonality so any future change - eg an adjustment to the footprint or change to the 3D model  - affects all of the components?


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I had the same dilemma, Since I choose my led by color first, then by type, by intensity, finally by type,

My tree looks like

Device              Symbol          Footprint          Package

White20ma     White3mm     White3mmV     White3mmV

                         White5mm     White3mmH     White3mmH

                         White5mm     White5mmV     White5mmV

                         White1206      White1206V     White1206V


you get the idea. The Device is the box with the 20ma LED, The symbol is the inner box, the footprint is the compartment. I an trying to use the spice modeling, so i have to have individual devices because the spice model attaches to the symbol.


Hopes this helps.







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in reply to: mjenkins5720

Which order did you create you device / symbol / footprint / package?


In my question, I am trying to maximize commonality. I need the same footprint for the colored LEDs, IR LED, and Phototransistor.


How could I assign the different part numbers?


I would also like the package to be "mostly shared". (This is likely asking too much). The only method I could envision would be fore the package to use a parametric model so the color came from a property.

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in reply to: bradanlane

I had the same dilemma, I finally decided on the format i described earlier. This allows me to change the color of the LED by changing device, or the footprint without changing device. I also revisited your original post, you could use the first 6 character as the device name 


As for the order, it depends whether i create the part or imported.

If I create the part,

I create the device, then create the symbol, and either use the package generator if the form is available. After that I stitch then together.

If I import the part, I normally has the symbol and footprint, I just add the 3d model. 


Just remember, Fusion loves its versions, I just created a clear LED, It it added 9 versions to my library before i was done. Be patient, they will get it right eventually.


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