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How to create a package for a solder pad?

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How to create a package for a solder pad?

I'm trying to create multiple variations of a pad size so that if I need a pad smaller I can change it in the properties, instead of creating and inserting a whole new part. In the part file for the component I have the two devices already made with the same symbol but a different footprint. I believe in order to be able to switch parts you have to have a package for each configuration.


How do you create a package based on a solder pad? All of the options I see won't work, as I just need a rectangular pad. 


Any help is much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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@engineeringWNXXJ Hi, hope you are doing well.


If I understand correctly you have footprint in your library with different pad sizes. If that is the case you can create a 3D package by right clicking on the footprint and select "Create 3D Model" context menu. It will import footprint in 3D package workspace where you can insert/draw 3D model into the document and after this step click Finish to complete the 3D package. Feel free to reach out if you face any problem.


Prasenjit Mondal

Principal Software Engineer
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This worked!

The problem i'm having now is that I cant change the part package to a different package in the schematic. I could have sworn I saw that it was possible. Is the only way to change to a different package for the same part to delete the part and import the other part package?



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Can you try the following?


  • Update your design with latest libraries using the following toolbar option in Schematic or PCB design document.


Screenshot 2021-10-08 at 8.27.20 PM.png


  • Replace the package by right clicking on the part and select desired package from "Package" menu.

Hope it helps.

Prasenjit Mondal

Principal Software Engineer

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