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How to change the 'Grid Type' field of a Layer

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How to change the 'Grid Type' field of a Layer

I just started migrating some designs from EAGLE to Fusion 360 Electronics, and all of my attribute text boxes have outlines and shading. How can I change my settings so that it displays as just the text and nothing extra? Attaching a picture of what Fusion 360 shows now (Silkscreen_Bad.png), and what EAGLE shows now (Silkscreen_Good.png) which is the desired behavior.
It seems like the layers (tPlaces, tNames, tValues) have a field called 'Grid Type' that is by default set to 'Rectilinear' and that may be the solution, but I cannot change that as far as I can tell.

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Hi @dlehman622E9


In the latest update the design rules were extended so that the "No Vector Font" rule is also being executed on the silkscreen layers. To get rid of this you can uncheck the "Check Font" option in the "Misc" tab of the "DRC Dialog" (DRC command). 


Let me know if that helps!

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Yes that did what I was looking for, thank you.

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