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how to change odb++ file output directory ?

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how to change odb++ file output directory ?


I have a problem to create a CAM processor with a custom output directory.

I've already posted a problem about the gbrjob directory and the solution was : do not generate it

Now, you add the odb++ file generation and it have exactly the same problem but there is no option to disable it.

Why each time you do an update of the software, i have to post on this forum ? is there a way to disable auto update of the program ?


This was my previous post with the same problem:

I'm able to change every file output except the gbrjob/odb++ file. I'have changed the output directory to %PROJECTNAME/%FOLDERCONTAINER/%N/ but the gbrjob/odb++ file is always generated at the %TEAMHUBNAME/%PROJECTNAME/ location.

Where I can change the gbrjob/odb++ output directory ?

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Hi Franck,
Firstly thanks for using the ODB++ feature.

Unfortunately in this 1st iteration of ODB++ output there is no way to not add the %TEAMHUBNAME/%PROJECTNAME/ to the output directory. I have already fixed this issue and a fix will be available in the next Fusion360 minor update. There will be a new option to not add the TeamHub directory to the ODB++ output file path. Hopefully this will help you.

Please let me know if you have any other questions and I will try to help.


Kind Regards,

Constantin Popescu

Constantin Popescu
Principal Software Engineer

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