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How to add "comments" on a circuit design?

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How to add "comments" on a circuit design?

I don't know if it is possible, but my working is:  if the option is there it should be usable.


This is an exert of something on which I am working.


I need to put labels/comments at the two *points* where the junction is.



Screenshot (336)b.png


I press SHIFT L and I get a box open as shown below.


Screenshot (336)c.png

 And......   ????


Yes:  Somewhere the is a village missing their idiot.


But I only seem to get frustrated trying to add a "comment".

The option is clickable, so it must be usable.



I am also sorry if this is the wrong place.   I have a couple of things going on with Fusion just now - which I know can also cause problems by doing that - and I am just wanting help.



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Thank you for participating in the Fusion 360 electronics forum. You will find the text command in the Document Tab. I hope this helps. It's best to place text on the Symbol layer. 


Edwin Robledo
Tech Marketing Manager
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Edwin, sorry for the slow reply.

Thanks for that.   Appreciated.

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