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How do I include mechanical layers in a board drawing?

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How do I include mechanical layers in a board drawing?


  Apologies if this has been answered previously.  I'm trying to generate a fabrication drawing of a PCB.  If I go CAM Process under the Manufacturing ribbon, I can generate a drawing DXF.  But the only options I see are "organize by layers" and "organize by signals and layers", and neither option allows inclusion of a mechanical layer.  I've put all my fab notes on layer 48, and am trying to figure out how to include that layer in the DXF.

  My ultimate goal is to generate a PDF of all the relevant layers (including the fab notes) so it's easy for purchasing to see what PCB options they need to select (thickness, surface finish, etc) without having to open the gerber files to get to the fab notes.  If someone has a recommendation on an easier way to get to this I'd greatly appreciate it!

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Hi jesse3M545,

Thank you for posting on the Fusion 360 electronics forum.  From the PCB go to the Automation Tab and select the ICON for RUN.  In the Dialog box do a search for CAM. You will find a ULP called CAM2Print, this should have everything you need for the mechanical output of your internal layers. 

Best Regards,




Edwin Robledo
Tech Marketing Manager
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Hi Ed,

Thanks for the response.  The CAM2Print script calls for a .cam file, but I can't find a way to output the gerber files as a single cam file.  The only use of .cam I can find are the templates for the cam processor.  Any ideas how to prep the data for use with the CAM2Print script?

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Found a solution that works for me, which is very simple.  If you go to the Document tab and choose the Outputs option, you can print the current view to a PDF.  Just turn whatever layers you want on and create the doc.

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