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How do I create a custom shaped SMD pad?

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How do I create a custom shaped SMD pad?



I want to create a new sized SMD pad - dimensions in mm. How do I go about doing this? I have found some tutorials for doing it in Eagle but nothing is quite the same anymore.


Any help appreciated.



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in reply to: g.taylor.3

Hi  g.taylor.3,

I hope all is going well, thank you for participating on the Forum.  In the Fusion 360 electronics library editor open an existing library or open a new library editor session.


With the library open, click on the grid command and set your grid to mm.


With the grid selected. Use the SMD command to add a pad. Before placing the SMD pad, make sure you select the correct size from the drop box, or double click the size field to add one.


If you need an arbitrary shape, draw a polygon on top of the SMD pad. Make sure to duplicate the polygon and change the copy to the corresponding Stop layer. 

Let me know if this helps.

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Edwin Robledo
Tech Marketing Manager
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in reply to: edwin.robledo

Pretty much exactly what I was after. Many thanks.

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What should I do if when I enter in the 'new electronics library' there are only the commands to create (device, symbol, footprint and packaging) and nothing else? 

Thank you

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in reply to: g.taylor.3

Hi @martina.cassanmagnago ,


I hope this message finds you well. The order is in general not to critical but I would start with the symbol, then the footprint and the package. The device is always last because it is the glue that connects the other 3.


Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


Best Regards, 

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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I'm not sure I fully understand the workflow you suggest, and I'm stuck on this part of the interface. I'm just starting with F360 Electronics, coming from Altium.


If I want to create a SMD pad for a thermal pad in the shape shown in the image below, what would be the best way to do this? If I understand correctly, you are suggesting to first make a pad with the largest dimensions  - 2.45 mm X 2.5 mm (where 2.5 mm is the width of the part along the side with the pins), then create two rectangles with the size of the cutouts and place them over the pad , and then copy each rectangle and paste into the Stop layer? Is this correct?


Is there not a way to create a more complex pad shape directly, with fewer steps? Or am I missing something? 







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in reply to: g.taylor.3

Some clarification on this topic would be great. I have followed these and some other steps but I have not be successful. Jorge or Edwin would you be able to break down the process with a few figures? The first answer here was good but for someone like me with less experience its hard to follow. 

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As jaowens14 has said I am also struggling with this, are there any video tutorials to help? 
I’m need to create pads for a small stepper motor which need to be in a specific pattern, they also need to be on the back of the board is this possible? 

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in reply to: edwin.robledo

Could you please elaborate more how to do a custom SMD, I want to do it to be like the image:


Is there any video or tutorial to explain how to do the custom shape?

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