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Home electrics.

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Home electrics.

I want to draw home electrics: circuit breakers, wires, electrical outlets. Locate and route it in 3D.
spreadsheet with wire segment length is extremely wanted.

Can I do it in Fusion 360?
(it not, what programs are the simplest choice?)


Thank you for any advice.

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in reply to: LiveLover

Fusion is more developed with industrial product design and PCB's in mind. What you are looking for is (for example) Revit (MEP). Revit is specifically designed for what you are asking.



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in reply to: PinRudolf

So if I need to create a basic diagram for an installation manual of components in an airplane where a circuit breaker is required, fusion 360 is pretty much worthless?

I can believe Autodesk chose not to include basic symbols like circuit breakers.

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in reply to: LiveLover

You're able to design your house and design electrical cables in your house if you want. Those just won't be 'electrical', just a 3D model.

Creating an electronics design with just a schematic and use that schematic in a separate document where you measured wire lengths in some way can work as well. That should be enough to create a basic diagram, using a simple 'circuit breaker' component either from a library or created by yourself.

But for modeling your whole house and have an electrical system of your wiring in your walls, Revit might be required.

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