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Hole in footprint

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Hole in footprint

Hi all


How do I add a hole in the footprint? I have created a component for a pressure sensor. The port on this particular model is facing downwards (see image below). Hence it requires a hole drilled in the middle of the footprint. And I want it to move with the component, not add it as a mechanical hole later on, as this is a sure way to forget it. 


I cannot find anything related to holes in the footprint or the package editor. I only see that I can add holes in 3D-view, but then it is not associated with the part. In Altium Circuit Maker, I would add a board cutout or a pad without plating. I cannot figure out both in Fusion 360.


Thanks for your advice, I am a rookie considering Fusion 360 Electronics.




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If you want to add just a basic non-plated through hole in the footprint editor, there is a button under the "Create".



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Thanks, that worked! I actually saw that and also tried the command line to insert a hole, but it would never show up. I had then to save the component, go to the PCB file. delete the component and re-insert it. It did not auto-update nor did it work with the replace command. In fact, the replace command led to some kind of graphical error where the 3D model was only a flat black piece.

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Yes I have the same bug. The link between libraries and design is really flaky.

Especially the replace command what just results a black square.

Hopefully they will fix this soon.




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Hi @phaggren  @clausenBF2XY 

Today we release Fusion 360 V2.0.10027 and now the package can show well when you change footprint and repalce the part.

Please have a try, thanks!



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