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Grid alignment issues

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Grid alignment issues

I'm facing difficulties laying out my board. The grid is constantly working against me. Here is an example of a component that I fail to move along the grid:




I'm  using the default grid of 1.27 mm, and haven't altered this. Here is the component zoomed in:


The distance between the grid and componenet origin is less than 0.127 mm so this is very strange. Sometimes the component also skips multiple grid lines when dragging it, even when no other component are nearby. I have two identical components on the board, and they are not aligned (by less than 0.127 mm). This shouldn't be technically possible when all work has been within the same grid.


How do I fix this weird behavior?


Edit: I did some more experimenting, starting by running the cmd-snap-board ULP, which works as expected. Now, dragging a component around, it works for a bit, but suddenly jumps off grid. The offset is smaller than 0.127 mm. Thus, it can only be aligned again by running the cmd-snap-board ULP. This seems like a bug, as it shouldn't be possible to drag a component off grid.

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You can also align the compontents to the grid while using the move tool. Just press and hold the cmd key while selecting a compontent and it should snap to the grid.

And if you take a look at the mini toolbar in the lower center, could it be possible that you have "push violators" active? In my experience having this option on and moving components jus ignores the grid completely, if the component snapped to a possible position, while moving it.

I alway set it to "ignore violators" and use drc for checking for violations.

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Push violators was active, but that shouldn't have any effect when the component is dragged far away from other components. There were no tracks either. At the moment, I don't have the issue; maybe restarting the application helped or maybe it will appear again (it's been a few days). This was a very strange problem, and I still don't know what caused it. 

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