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Getting a .STEP to show up in a 3D PCB

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Getting a .STEP to show up in a 3D PCB



I am trying to get a .STEP file to show up as the the 3D model in a 3D PCB. I am using this file including the .STEP file associated. I have followed this tutorial but it just doesn't seem to have worked. The .STEP file does not show up, BUT the black or red "placeholder" model that is usually in place is not there either. What are some steps I can take to make this work?

Thank you

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@nsbernar,if you didn't even see the black box, most probably the footprint was not linked to the latest version of the 3D package. You can check the document version of the 3D package document first, and then compare it with the 3D package version in the footprint's property dialog. If not match, you need to update the design or the library.

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