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Gerber File Generation Unexpected Condition for Eagle With Details On Non-Existent Computer Drive

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Gerber File Generation Unexpected Condition for Eagle With Details On Non-Existent Computer Drive

Was doing a regular Gerber file generation as I have done many times in the past for this board, but not since last Fall.  Now after minor changes I get the following error (attached as jpg) for the R drive which my computer does not have, I say okay and the file is generated and it seems okay when imported for manufacturing as no error is generated.  The error is new for me, probably hard coded by a developer is my guess for the non existent drive, have never seen the error, would like to understand the meaning before having the boards made...Any ideas?  Board image and Gerber CAM submission attached.  Thank you.


Interestingly enough about this posting board is that if images are entered as attachments and then the Electronics Board is selected on the drop down it wipes out the attached file and they must be least it does not wipe out the text I typed.

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The error yopu are seeing is caused by the ODB++ manufacturing output generator. You can circumvent it by removing this output if you only need Gerber manufacturing data to be generated. If you need ODB++ as well then there are 2 options:

  1. Turn off the option to "Export EDA Data" see below:


2. Fix the ODB++ output error that is caused by having one or multiple device pads connected to 2 or more signals because this is not allowed when exporting ODB++.

If you are unsure how to fix this error then you could send me the design if possible and I will help you. My email address is:


Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.


Kind Regards,


Constantin Popescu
Principal Software Engineer
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Thanks to the fine and timely technical support this has been resolved as a user error.  Unknowing to me the user, under Validate in the schematic tab their is a Synchronize button shown by two opposing arrows.  This updates the PCB if required, which it was.   Though usually not needed, during a project and upon completion it would be a good idea to go through each schematic and select the Synchronize button.

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