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Generation of 3D PCB fails after adding a new 3D pacakge to a used library

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Generation of 3D PCB fails after adding a new 3D pacakge to a used library

I'm fighting with getting a PCB populated with the right CAD components and its been really troublesome with Fusion constantly duplicating the same library because it does not recognized the previously generated local copy of a library.
Now I'm at a point where the 3D PCB does not generate at all any more after adding yet another package to a "local" library. It posts a couple errors about "PCB Hole" though I have not touched the outline for the board at all.

I can not attach the project here as its not a public design.

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in reply to: Timon-MESO

Hi @Timon-MESO ,


Is this a design you started in EAGLE and then brought into Fusion? I suspect so. The additional copies get generated because Fusion can't edit managed libraries directly, but it looks like it can. Additionally your designs will point to the original managed libraries so if you don't do an update, you'll keep making copies and your parts won't change. 


I think I need to make a video on this.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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Yes that design started in Eagle.
The duplicating library issue is actually off topic here, I just brought it up out of frustration.
The main issue is that the 3D PCB generation just completely fails without a meaningful error after I changed a library that was already successfully used with the 3D PCB generation, I just added one more model to it.

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