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Fusion <--> Eagle: holes in PCB multiply?

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Fusion <--> Eagle: holes in PCB multiply?

Hello everyone!


We're using Fusion 360 (2.0.9719) and Eagle Premium (9.6.2) on a project that contains 3 PCBs within an assembly.

Using the PCB design within Fusion isn't feasible at this point so the PCB gets pushed and pulled back and forth between Fusion and Eagle. Now for some reason this makes every hole in the PCB appear multiple times? Same size and location, just over and over. So instead of say 12 holes we end up with 25 during the first iteration. No big deal, but they have to be deleted manually in Eagle and we've had up to 1600 holes instead of just a couple before which then slows Eagle down so much it's unusable!


Has anyone seen this before? Is there a solution to this?



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Hi @roman.snajdrGXU9X 

I hope you are doing well!

 Thanks for reporting this issue in the Forum.

Would you mind sharing your Eagle files (Schematic and Board files) to us so that we can track this issue quickly?

I will send you my email as a private message so that you don't need to share your file publicly.


Thanks in advance!


Panpan Fan

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Hi Roman!


I had exactly the same issue. Holes multiplied themselves causing the whole system become sluggish.


@panpan_fankindly helped me with my files on this issue.


The update from few weeks ago fixed the issue for me, no more new holes.

Just check you don't have any extra holes left prior the update.



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Thank you for your quick replies, much appreciated! 


@panpan_fan just sent you an e-mail 👍


@phaggren I just checked and both Fusion and Eagle are all up to date.




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