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Fusion Electronics | Importing Arduino etc.

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Fusion Electronics | Importing Arduino etc.

  • Hello friends.As we know, we can work on electronics in the Fusion.Last week we created a Rocket team in the university.And want to work with Arduino-Micro chips etc. (I dont know too much, I’m not electrician).
  • I watched Live video in the Fusion 360 YT channel.We can import assets.But I could not find ARDUİNO.
  • So my question is Can we import Arduino from a library or Should we make an arduino from the beginning.Do we have this chance?
  • Yes there are 3d models of Arduino for Fusion.But are they just 3d model or working like electronics?.. I’m not sure, didn’t try yet.


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in reply to: Pshenista

Hello @Pshenista,

If you already have the Arduino design in EAGLE format, yes you can import it into Fusion 360.


If it's already a lbr file, you can simply open it in Fusion.


If you want to use Arduino as a part with other parts, you might want to "New Electronics Library".


If you want to create Arduino as a standalone board, you can start with "New Electronics Design"



You can't link a mechanical 3D model of an Arduino with electronics designs directly. You need to create a library with 3d packages. If you already have the 3d models, it's not hard to create the 3d packages.  You can search the tutorials on how to create a library and create 3d packages in details.




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