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Fusion 360 "allow item to be downloaded" keeps unchecking / untoggling

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Fusion 360 "allow item to be downloaded" keeps unchecking / untoggling

Hi guys!

I'm on the trial version of full Fusion 360 and when I try to share my design files on MyHub, I cannot select "allow item to be downloaded". The option is selectable (unlike the free F360 version) but it keeps unchecking / untoggling immediately after I select it.  There is no message that appears when the option unchecks itself. Is this feature also unsupported in the trial, or is this a bug? 


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Thanks for asking. I've seen this toggle being a little "laggy". Is it possible you've clicked it more than once? (on/off)


Couple more questions:

  • Is this an electronics design or mechanical design?
  • Can you export it from the File menu > Export command?

The trial experience should be the same as production, but I'm a little unclear if this covers all possible ECAD documents. Let me know what you find regarding those two questions.

Phil Eichmiller
Software Engineer
Quality Assurance
Autodesk, Inc.

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in reply to: Phil.E

Thanks for your quick reply Phil!  Strangely, when I went in to F360 today it all works fine and I when I toggle it, it stays toggled now.  I'm pretty sure it was untoggling itself after a second or two before (not double clicking it), but maybe it was just a freak server problem on that day.  It's a mechanical design and I can export files fine. Thanks! 

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