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Fusion 360 PCB how to make - Weird Pad Shapes - circle, triangles, custom?

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Fusion 360 PCB how to make - Weird Pad Shapes - circle, triangles, custom?

Can you help me how to make a soldering pad in any shape? circle, triangles, custom?

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Circular SMD pads are already supported in the footprint editor.

For other weird shapes, I would draw them in AutoCAD/LibreCAD, export in DXF, then import the DXF in the footprint editor on the Top layer (layer 1). The DXF will only contain the outline, but if you want the entire shape to be filled I would use AutoCAD to add a line hatching (Hatching or Filling Objects or Areas tutorial), then use the Explode command to turn the hatching into lines. Importing the DXF now will result in importing both the outline and a fill made of lots of lines. It's an ugly workaround, but I haven't found anything better. Note: the line hatching must be quite dense, otherwise you'll end up with holes in the fill when importing it.

I usually follow this procedure to import SVG or DXF logos on silkscreen layers.

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I hope you're doing well. Within the library editor you can build up an arbitrary pad shape using polygons. The procedure provided by @marcocipriani01 is sound. The only thing I would change is that you only import the outline of the padshape you want. Then you can use the convert outline to polygons functionality to make the polygons for you.


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Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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