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Fusion 360 July Release

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Fusion 360 July Release


I hope that you are doing well upon receipt of my post and wanted to take this time to thank you for your Fusion 360 electronics forum participation, it is appreciated. .  I'm pretty sure that by now, you have noticed there was a Fusion 360 update. The primary objective of this release is to address stability issues, improve and better expose the tools we already have, and provide you with an application with better performance. The "Quality of Life" release is a new approach that our teams will adopt to offer you a better design experience. Follow this link to review all the new enhancements in this latest release of Fusion 360. For this post, I will only address the improvements in the Fusion 360 electronics workspace. Some of you may have already seen a similar post for those participating in the Fusion 360 insider program. I would like to highlight some of the most notable enhancements that you will experience in this release:

Keyboard Shortcuts


Many EAGLE users have been migrating to Fusion 360 and requesting the capability of customizing shortcuts to ULP's, command strings, and script files, similar to what they have in EAGLE today.  As usual, our developers listened and delivered. Keyboard shortcuts provide you the flexibility to truly customize and optimize your design time.  With this new functionality, you can assign shortcuts to execute a helpful ULP or to run frequently used scripts or a specific command string. An excellent example of using this new feature to easily switch grids for while placing components on the PCB.

Productivity Enhancements


This enhancement is going to apply to multiple workspaces in Fusion 360. As you know, after defining connections on the schematic, you would need to run the NAME command to name it.  (TIP: A common trick by advanced users is to type in the name in the command line with the NET command active.  😉 ). They added the NAME option directly to the NET dialog box for this update.  Now you can continue using Autogenerate or simply type in a name.  Let me expand on the typing name part.  As you type the name in the field, Autocomplete will lists the existing NET names.  This should make it much easier to select names you want to connect to on other sheets. No more typing MISO press M and select it from the list.  This nifty enhancement applies to the library editor when placing pins in a symbol or pads on your footprint.

Here a few more productivity enhancement you should know about:

  • More user-definable default preferences
  • Exposure to Schematic Assembly Variant designs
  • The option of having text on the copper layer can now be viewed on the 3D model of the PCB
  • Quick Route now allows making selections regardless of the working layer
  • Supply Pin value assignment directly on the schematic
  • Autocomplete net, pin & part name input anywhere in Schematic
  • Schematic net naming directly from Net Command Dialog
  • Addressed reported issues when using the Schematic-Board Synchronizer
  • Set default CAM job in CAM Processor. This will also be used for the One-Click CAM command
  • Remember values in command dialogs after switching
  • Switch to 3D faster by selecting the parts that get pushed

TIP: On this last point, I've been using the option "fastest" during my work session, then using the "detailed" option  when I plan to share the 3D model.  

Performance Improvements

CAM Processor Loading Performance-2.png

 Our team tackled and fixed several areas that improved your design time for this update.  You will notice that your design file loads faster in the application and the CAM processor. This was done by better handling of polygons, we noticed a performance improvement of over 90% on some designs.  Here are some of the other performance updates we addressed:

  • Significantly Improved Polygon Processing performance up to 90x for certain designs
  • Improved CAM performance
  • Increased performance of common commands like undo, move and add with an average of 65%
  • Significantly Improved document opening performance

Stability Improvements

Some of you have reported the occasional crash at a specific point while using Fusion 360. If these rare occasions, you will be prompted with a report request.  We read each of them, document them, and send them to the respective teams.  In this Quality of Life update, we tackled over 30 issues affecting Fusion 360 stability.  We will continue working on this on future updates, but here are the ones we identified and fixed for this release:

  • Fixed highlights in ERC and DRC disappearing after mouse move
  • Fixed crash when undo-redo after running edit module CLI
  • Fixed warning: "The board sketch has rolled out, please roll forward it before update."
  • Fixed crash when moving in Footprint or Symbol editor
  • Fixed crash when deleting a group if net with a label does not exist in the group
  • Fixed consistency breaking when updating part with an empty attribute value
  • Fixed crash when splitting polygon pour
  • Fixed crash when importing device exported from ultra-librarian
  • Fixed crash when selecting symbol or footprint while move command is active
  • Fixed issue where replacing the part with modified symbol or footprint will disconnect wires and undo caused fusion to quit with abort error
  • Fixed crash in design manager when using polygons while the "ungrouped" category is selected
  • Fixed assert when running show-group.ulp
  • Fixed crash when saving after deleting sheet whose assets were moved to a module sheet before
  • Fixed parts getting disconnected when moving to a Module
  • Fixed crash when pasting a component connecting another component and canceling the operation
  • Fixed crash after updating library and merging assets
  • Fixed arbitrary pad shapes not being recognized correctly by polygons
  • Fixed issue where rotate gets executed twice when pasting multiple times
  • Fixed crash when opening design which contains corrupt splines most likely after DXF import
  • Fixed crash using the ERC or DRC dialogs
  • Fixed frequent crashes while adding components
  • Fixed crash with certain ULPs if board file has polygons
  • Fixed crash with importing certain local libraries
  • Fixed crash after creating a managed library
  • Fixed crash when dragging library from the place a part panel
  • Fixed crash when running import-bmp ULP
  • Fixed crash when undo with design manager opened with polygons
  • Fixed PRINT on Mac
  • Fixed polygon, Line & Arcs in footprints not being rendered properly in 3D PCB
  • Fixed issue where ESC no longer works after interacting with the inspector
  • Fixed issue where ESC could not cancel the text command
  • Fixed issue where ESC could not cancel the route command

TIP: In the rare instance that Fusion 360 was to crash, please take a minute to fill out the report request. Tell us exactly what you were doing when the application hung or crashed. We Thank You for taking the time. 


EAGLE Migration


I feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to have met many of you during the live demos, support sessions,  webinars, or live streams.  It is always a pleasure to have the chance to interact with you beyond the forum.  I learned that many have been uploading their EAGLE design into Fusion 360 but cannot get the board and schematic to start syncing.  In Fusion 360, the electronic document controls the board and schematic annotation. This way, it is really easy to re-purpose an existing schematic with other designs. This update will prompt you if you want the Electronic Document automatically created for every Board/Schematic combination and get you up and running as fast as possible when loading your EAGLE files in Fusion 360. Here are a few more points we addressed to make it easier to migrate to Fusion 360:

  • Fusion's Upload command now accepts EAGLE projects to automate migration from EAGLE
  • Automatic Library import now also enabled on Mac

Notable Bug Fixes

- Zooming in the CAM Preview


I wanted to summarize what was worked on for this July release. Are developers and the customer experience team will continue to work on improving your design workflows and implementing tools that will make completing your innovation faster.  I appreciate that you took the time to read this post.

With Warm Regards,



Edwin Robledo
Tech Marketing Manager

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