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Fusion 360 has detected and unexpected condition

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Fusion 360 has detected and unexpected condition

I have a repeatable crash when I try to move the edge of overlapping polygons.  I can supply a board file if there is a secure way to upload...

Screenshot 2022-02-07 140722.png

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in reply to: tgsell

Hi @tgsell 

I hope you are doing well!

For the screenshot you attached, it is a known issue and may be related to Arc polygon.

Our develop team is working on it.

Would you mind sending me your file to double check this issue?

I will send my email address to you as a private message.



panpan Fan

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in reply to: tgsell

Hi @tgsell 

Today we release Fusion 360 V2.0.12887 and the issue should have been fixed.

Please have a try, thanks a lot!



Panpan Fan

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in reply to: panpan_fan

Funny, this is EXACTLY the same issue as I had. Same popup, same error.
But support claimed it was unknown, and as I did not have a screencast of the crash, and/or the original files, there was nothing they could (would) do, and the case was closed.

But, ohh, aha, I see, it was already know?
And have even been fixed?

Awesome, someone at Autodesk should send support a memo.

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