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Fusion 360 electronics October 2021 maintanance update

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Fusion 360 electronics October 2021 maintanance update



Fusion 360 electronics October 2021 update

Thank you for your Forum Participation. You may have noticed that recently your session of Fusion 360 alerted you of an update. Find out more of the updates:


  We fixed a few crash issues related to working in the Electronics Design workflows and sorted some wonkiness occurring with the 2D/3D out-of-sync banner displayed even though everything was still appropriately synchronized.  


We discovered that True Type Text voids were being incorrectly exported to *Gerber* when inside polygon pours. This works correctly when exporting *ODB++*, and now it works as expected when exporting to *Gerber*.  


There was another True Type/Fixed Type Text and Attributes issue showing black edges in the CAM Preview and 3D PCB, and this is now fixed.  

RitchieParis told us about an interesting issue regarding what he saw in the CAM Preview of PCB design. It appeared that the winter season had arrived and had started to “snow” on his PCB! We dug into this and found that it wasn’t because Winter was coming but was due to a graphics scaling issue. This is now fixed, and your CAM previews will no longer look snowy.  


 Sometimes, the 3D PCB’s backlink to the 2D PCB was lost when you tried to save it as a standalone. This is now fixed; the backlink between the 3D and 2D PCB should always be maintained.  


Mario.brizida was having difficulties using ODB++ to generate files to be sent to his PCB manufacturer. After digging into it, we found out that an issue prevented Fusion 360 from generating any ODB++ output if the configuration didn’t contain any ODB++ layers.  

We fixed a few issues regarding the package generator, such as getting a “RuntimeError” error message when selecting a package and the odd behavior of the dialog not being automatically dismissed even after you’ve chosen a package and have reset to the default layout view.  


If you were working on a schematic and used the Move command to move the Port, you would have run into a weird bug where moving a port on a module also moved random wires connected to other ports. This is now fixed.  


Apparently, “Surface Mount Pin Header (Male) Right Angle” was not translated into its Chinese equivalent if you were running Fusion 360 in Chinese and using the Package Generator in Electronics Design. Now it is. 


Best Regards,



Edwin Robledo
Tech Marketing Manager
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I Ed,


thanks for the update on the bug fixes.


There is also a BUG in the COLOUR setting for the PCB SUBSTRATE material, The colour chosen in the MANUFACTURING  PREVIEW does pass through to the 3D PCB view.


Its been like this for a while.

Dave M

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