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Fusion 360 Electronics need this improvements very much for easy life

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Fusion 360 Electronics need this improvements very much for easy life


Autodesk Fusion 360 is very impressive as it has electronics too. But sometime some flaw make the simple task complex.
it could be more better experience in Fusion Electronics if it could be fixed-

1. Board outline shoulbe edit on 3D PCB. I kow there is a feature like independent PCB and Associative PCB and also DXF import for outline. But sometime if i needed to edit Outline i have to do this from start. It will more comfortable if we can update board outline on 3D pcb also like 3D components moving works.


2. Panelize PCB tool. Now a days its very important feature for electronics CAD software as we do not need to depend on manufacturer, where Fusion has better arrange feature. It should be dedicated tools/feature (like Altium) not ULP.


3. Library management system should be more easy specially for 3D compponents. when i need to add custom 3D for a electronics parts, first i have to upload it and save it, then when i assign with a components i have to save it again. and now i have 2 files for same 3D model. This should be done with directly assign componets and not need to save another file.


I do not know if this some small problems never be solved or not, I am using Fusion 360 from 2020.


Thank you so much 

Redoy ahmed

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Thank you @a_redoy for your feedback. Regarding to outline editing inside 3D PCB environment, have you tried the "Edit Sketch" command?

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in reply to: yqliu

Hi @yqliu, Thank you so much for your solution and guide for the First problem. I even didnot notice this option before. This is great and solve my problem also. Thank you once again.

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