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Fusion 360 August 2020 update for electronics

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Fusion 360 August 2020 update for electronics


There have been some amazing new features and improvements added in our latest update which expands our library content as well as optimizes your electromechanical workflows. Please take a look at the overview blog regarding the latest Fusion 360 updates. The update also includes a vast amount of improvement for the Fusion 360 electronic editors including library content, electromechanical workflow options, and the highly requested capability of moving electronic components in the Design Workspace. 


Our team has continued to expand the library content for Fusion 360. In this update they now have you included the Atmel AVR microcontroller series.  The MEGA16, 32, 64, 1280, (1281, 2560, 2561, 644) are just a few, you will find these updates in the IC_embedded library. In addition, they have added a couple of STEP-UP voltage converter IC’s to the IC_power-management library.




NewPush.pngNow in Fusion 360, obstacle handling is no longer restricted to the routing commands. This is now a PCB-editor capability available in all appropriate commands. As such, the options for what to do when a violation occurs is now on the Navigation Toolbar rather than the route command panels since it is now an editor setting. With the push violator option enabled, traces and vias will move out of the way to accommodate the placement of un-routed components.  We are confident this will greatly optimize your design time.




There are 3 font options available in the Fusion 360 electronic PCB editor, vector, proportional and fixed. Traditionally, our manufacturing output converted all text font to Vector, which resulted in discrepancies between the manufactured boards and what the designer saw on the screen. With this update, we have enabled our the CAM processor to support all available fonts.  This ensures that the font used in the board design will match exactly what the Gerber output generates. 




With the 3DPCB inserted in the assembly enclosure, use the new edit in place capabilities to modify component placement. These changes will be reflected in the PCB layout. The best part is if changes in the 2D layout will trigger updates in the design workspace. 




With the latest release, this action is now performed interactively. As you move your components you will notice your signal connection looking for the closest path. 




The library editor has a brand-new interface in addition to the content manager updating in real-time.

The change update icon indicates there is a new update available for that particular asset. Use the context menu to update to the latest version of the asset.  

Selecting a package from a linked library will reveal a direct link to, from there you can access all the published content including thousands of 3D models. Changes made on will trigger the update icon in Fusion 360 for the particular assets. Once you do the update, the model you selected in can be edited in Fusion 360.


 With these improvements, changes made in EAGLE library editor, in or Fusion 360 library editor will trigger updates for the particular asset for all the members of that team. 


Best Regards,




Edwin Robledo
Tech Marketing Manager
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When your fantastic Library team make an order with multiple existence of same libraries?

 just two examples are here

There are dozens doubled of them which comes with fresh installation,


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Oh... that's heartbreaking to see that EAGLE is on the way of completely integrating into the FUSION360 ;(


Is EAGLE being killed slowly? @edwin.robledo 

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See response here:

Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.

Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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