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Function Place Component - why is the description and scale missing?

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Function Place Component - why is the description and scale missing?



why is the Place Component function (window) missing such important things as component description and scale? After all, this is quite important information. Or is it like having to call the Add function via the command line and linger? At our high school, we have been using the Eagle program for years, which was quite intuitive (and in the Add function, the description and scale of the components are) and now there is a problem with any basic function (for example, even exporting an image is terrible), or it is necessary to run it using the command line , which doesn't seem very professional for today's time - even more so when, as a teacher, I have to teach students this kind of software. The Eagle program is due to end soon, but Electronic is not yet an adequate replacement. Should we, as a school, look for another product that will not constantly introduce pointless innovations and will be fully usable?


I find that the vast majority of the "innovations" that are new to Fusion 360 Electronics are pointless and delay work. And seeing it as a teacher, how annoying must it be for the designers who make a living from it? I do not get it.


Any chance this will be fixed? What I would like most is to see the Add function still remain, or to add an Add icon to the top function menu instead of the tragic Place Component and the user could choose.


Thanks in advance for your answer.


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Hi @michal.horacek,


I hope you're doing well. The bottom window in Fusion scrolls down so you'll be able to see the same description there. I know it's not easy to tell because there's no scrollbar to indicate that you can scroll down but the description information is there.


I do agree the scale preview is not there and I'll report that to the developers. The ADD command is still available through CLI while we perfect the place parts panel.


Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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thanks for the quick response, but I have to say that the description isn't really there - not always.


I really found a description for e.g. NE555, but unfortunately there is no description in the libraries "rcl", "TinkerCad" and many others. Scrolling down doesn't help. So is this a bug? Above all, the mentioned "rcl" library is very important for us.


Yes, I know about the ability to run the "add" function using the CLI, but why is it not possible to have an icon for this function in the control panel? It just seems clearer and more intuitive to me. How is the new function "place component" supposed to be better than "add"? The "add" tree structure is simply faster and clearer. On the contrary, when I choose between component variants in the "place component" function, I always have to click on the menu (variant) again, it takes a while to load and I have to go through it again and again from top to bottom, which is insanely inefficient until I find the one that matches.


One more question about the "add" function, but also, for example, about the "export" function - will these functions continue to be preserved and usable via the CLI, or will the developers remove them completely over time?





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Hi @michal.horacek ,
You bring up a good point about the descriptions.  The old dialog shows the component, footprint, and package descriptions of a selected variant, where the new panel only shows the component description.  The new panel should be showing all the information as well- I have created a ticket, and it should be resolved shortly.  We are also working on the panel remembering your previous selections which should help with your workflow as well.  Thank you for your feedback.


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thank you, it's just a shame that you didn't answer all my questions. Anyway, I really hope that the mentioned features will improve soon and the workflow will be as smooth as before.

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Our goal is for the new UI to eventually replace the old UI, and be configurable to be a dialog or panel, tree-view vs flat-view etc., but until it has everything users need, the old one will still be accessible through CLI.  I'm not sure about export, probably that functionality should be available through Fusions export UI.  There is no plan to remove the old commands, we will leave those in place and continue to work toward making all functionality accessible through Fusion's UI systems.  

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after more than a month and a half I am reminding you about solving the problem with the Place component function. You wrote that you will create a ticket to resolve this issue. There have been several updates to the program since our last communication, but none have brought a fix. Can you let us know when this issue will be fixed?



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Hey Michal.
We have spent a lot of time tracking down issues, crashes have to take priority, but this ticket has not left my mind (or our board).  Our release schedule has a large amount of time between when work ends and when you see the release because we are really trying to make sure we release without bugs.  The complete description in the panel will be in the May release, I'm sorry that we can't get it to you sooner.

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thanks for the reply. I understand that the repair work will take some time, but it is good to know when as a user I can expect repairs. Fortunately, May is not that far away.


I hope that your work is going well. 🙂 Thanks.

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