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Footprints without 3D model

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Footprints without 3D model


I'm not sure do I need to create 3D package when footprint is just SMD/THT pad(s) with silkscreen.

Eg., do I need to create 3D package for footprint below? What will happend if I use that footprint(without 3D package) for PCB and try to create 3D PCB? Will I see SMD pads or nothing?





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in reply to: silvio3105

@silvio3105 ,

If you don't create 3d package for this component, you can still see the SMD. However, by default, 3D PCB will create a box as a placeholder for this part. Since you don't want to have a 3d model associated with it,for now we recommend to create an empty 3d package document for this footprint. In the upcoming update, we will add a new feature that you can decide not to create 3d models or placeholder for any specified footprints when creating 3D PCB.

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in reply to: yqliu

"you can decide not to create 3d models or placeholder for any specified footprints when creating 3D PCB."

Why complicating?
If footprint does not have 3D package, create just silkscreen/pads/whatever footprint have, without any 3D placeholder.
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in reply to: silvio3105

Well, there is a historical reason. When the Push to 3D PCB feature was implemented years ago first in EAGLE, there is no capability to create 3D models in the software and using boxes is a not-bad way for ECAD<>MCAD interop.

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in reply to: yqliu

Still don't get it why to place placeholder if user did not place any STEP on footprint.
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in reply to: silvio3105

Even if there are just boxes, it's still helpful for MCAD users to design the enclosure. The bounding box is better than nothing, right?

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in reply to: yqliu

Yes and no.
Some packages are wider than footprints. Placeholder models have width as footprint(both in X and Y direction). What about height?
In my case that placeholder makes problems since I have to hide/delete it.

So, in your first post you wrote that user will be able to select which component will not have 3D placeholder. Eg. If PCB has 200 components then user has a lot of possible clicking.

It's simple - if user did not place any 3D model, then don't place placeholder. It's easy to make dummy 3D component in Fusion.
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in reply to: silvio3105

Hi @silvio3105 

I hope you are doing well!

We release Fusion 360 V2.0.13615.
Now you can choose to Include/Exclude the package by yourself in the Push to 3D PCB dialog.

Please have a try to see if it can solve your problem Thanks!



Panpan Fan

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in reply to: panpan_fan

NO! It did not.
I don't understand why you guys force you own workflow and that stuff.
Still I get placeholder 3D model over solder pads.
That placeholder is generated from top left to bottom right of footprint. That does not help at all.
If user made footprint without 3D package, it's for a reason without 3D package!

I have component that represents solder pad and I want to see it in 3D view. I don't have time to go through list and uncheck all place holders I don't want.

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in reply to: silvio3105

SilvioCro has a point that I sport too. Wouldn't be possible to have the footprints without 3d package unchecked by default when pushing?

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in reply to: oxullo

Hi @oxullo @silvio3105 

I hope you are doing well!
I get your point now and I will bring the request to the develop team.

I will keep you updated when I get more information.



Panpan Fan

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in reply to: oxullo

@oxullo @panpan_fan 

I strongly oppose that idea.

For some reason, every one of my boards have 10-15 parts with "missing 3D models", according to the list shown.
But, it is NOT correct, when rendering, all those parts render just fine.
So, the list is incorrect and cannot be used for anything in practice.

While I don't like the other option either, as you would have to check a number of devices, I would suggest a simple checkbox the would disable the DEFAULT boxes.
Not any potentially missing 3D models, but all models that would result in a default box.

I know the argument of WHY those default models are there, and it doesn't carry water whatsoever, as most parts are completely different from those silly boxes.

I would REALLY love to see them go. Completely!


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in reply to: silvio3105

Hi @jesper8W75R,


I think you hit this one on the head. I agree with you fully on this one. A checkbox that disables all the default boxes when pushing to the 3D PCB. I think this gets to crux of the issue, I can't think of a scenario where I would want some default checkboxes and not others. An all or nothing checkbox would be simple and effective.


The thread will be included with the ticket that panpan has made so it will be seen.


Thanks for the suggestion.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

Kudos are much appreciated if the information I have shared is helpful to you and/or others.

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in reply to: jorge_garcia2

Are placeholder models included on DNP components(in variants)?

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