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File Updates not showing for other team members

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File Updates not showing for other team members

I suspect this is related to some of the other problems recently, but sharing in case it's a different issue. Yesterday we saw some instances of updates not being visible by other people on our team. 

First example. I updated an electronics library with a couple new components. Saved at V90. Team members could see the V90 file, but when they opened the library, the new parts weren't there, to them it was the older version (87 i believe). They also couldn't get an existing electronics design to register that there as a new V90 of the library, so they couldn't add the new parts. I could open the design, add the parts from the new V90, and save, but when they opened the design again, the parts just were missing from where I placed them, even though I could open the file and see them. 

Similarly, Updates I was making to some electronics designs just flat out weren't seen by others on the team. They saw the new version of the file, but the contents were the old version. 

Best we can recon it was like we were accessing two different servers that weren't syncing well. Many hours later the updates were available to the other team members. Again, not sure if it's related to the other issues, but we hadn't seen that kind of lag before yesterday. If it's already known or being worked on then apologies. 

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Hi @cegan09,

I hope you're doing well. Thank you for reporting this, we have a hotfix releasing shortly that should help improve this situation.

Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.

Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

Kudos are much appreciated if the information I have shared is helpful to you and/or others.

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Awesome, glad to hear it. Thanks Jorge.

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