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Feature voting for Fusion 360

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Feature voting for Fusion 360

Is there anywhere we can request, and vote on features to be added to F360E? (Instead of creating topics asking for features etc). 


Off the top of my head the following features would be nice to have, and are all features that I am missing from other packages:


  • Slotted PTH.
  • Generic power symbols with renamable net names.
  • Shortcuts to move between routing layers.
  • Move the cursor with arrow keys.
  • Zero co-ordinates with space bar.

This isn't a criticism of the Dev team, I love the direction this software is heading, each update is bringing a lot of good QoL features and I can see lots of development is being done.


If feature voting can't be a thing, maybe we can compile a list of features in this topic that users would like to see.


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This used to exist and was called the IdeaStation. However it has been closed a year ago. (I'm not sure why but people voting on idea's that were not in line with the general direction that Fusion was going into didn't help.) Now you are supposed to use the feedback hub for that. Unfortunately you cannot create your own topics so you will need to find the topic that best describes the subject that you want to add to. 

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