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exp-lbrs.ulp fails to open text editor

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exp-lbrs.ulp fails to open text editor

I'm trying to run this ULP which was distributed in previous versions of Eagle.  Apparently, at some point it is trying to open something (don't know what) with the default text editor specified in the Electronics preferences (I've verified this by changing what's shown in that text entry and seeing the error message change).  


Any input on how to make this work?  How can I see log files with more details (btw, the "click for more info" on error is totally useless - the more info is just the same error shown in a different dialog box)

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If it is trying to open the text editor it is because there is an error executing the ulp. typically in eagle the text editor would open the ulp at the line causing the error. The error i get when trying specifies line 956. You can open the ulp in a text editor and see what is going on there. 




The issue is basically what is mentioned in the error box. The UL_PACKAGE objects in fusion no longer use the polygon() loop member. Actually UL_PACKAGE isn't even listed in the fusion documentation and i think was deprecated for UL_FOOTPRINT even in later versions of eagle, although maybe the program just aliases UL_PACKAGE to UL_FOOTPRINT or something like that, im not sure. 

If you look up the documentation on UL_FOOTPRINT in fusion vs Eagle you will see in fusion it uses which does have loop members polyshapes and polycutouts instead of polygons as in eagle.









So you may have to modify this ulp accordingly to get it to work.


Also note that UL_SYMBOL also loses polygons member in favor of polypours.


I would guess the ulp can be fixed with some minor modifications, but that is why it is not working as is in fusion, it is basically what the warning box says.


Here you can see the calls to the polygons() loop member which does not exist in fusion. 






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Hi @robert1356,


I hope you're doing well. You don't have to do that, the Export Libraries functionality has been incorporated into Fusion 360. Go to the Library section (in your schematic preferably) you'll see it as the last icon on the right.


Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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