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Are the folks at AUTOCAD having trouble coming up with names???

I certainly hope EAGLE isn't replaced by something called electronics.

If so, it makes me wonder who is responsible for the fiasco.

You can search the web for EAGLE copper pour, or EAGLE ground symbol and find help and commentary related to it using Eagle from a multitude of sites.

Try searching for electronics ground symbol or electronics ground pour

You won't get anything related to using the program, or it will be completely buried by non-program results.




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Your search skills need to step up.
I have no problem typing 'fusion360 copper pour' into a search box.



Carlos Acosta
Factory400 - YouTube|Instagram
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in reply to: nnovotney

That is better, though looking for postings on other sites beyond Autodesk, and hits that are specific to the PCB portion of it, rather than generic fusion discussion.  Not sure if sites are posting including "fusion" (or fusion360) , unless they consider that to be the name. Maybe the generic electronics will incline them to include that. 

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Your best bet is to search Fusion Electronics.  Electronics by itself will yeild results pertaining to the entire electronics industry... globally.

Chris Benner
Industry Community Manager – Design & Manufacturing

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in reply to: CGBenner

Electronics by itself will yeild results pertaining to the entire electronics industry.

That was the point, electronics is too generic


Your best bet is to search Fusion Electronics

Well, that only works if the poster's site or article uses fusion electronics.   There is no consistent single term keyword for the new Eagle....maybe they should continue to call it Eagle or some new name (Vulture?).

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