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Electronics library - ho to see all component-sets that belong to a footprint

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Electronics library - ho to see all component-sets that belong to a footprint

I'm coming to Fusion 360 from Eagle 7.7.0. In a 7.7.0 library, I could right-click on a footprint and at the bottom of the resulting conext menu, "Using DeviceSets", I could see all the Devices that used that particular footprint. In a similar way, I could see all the DeviceSets that used a particular Symbol.


How do I do the same thing in Fusion 360 (2.0.15299) ? But I guess in this version of Fusion 360 I want to see the list of ComponentSets associated with Footprints and Symbols.

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@anthonyEX9NB , I think the DESIGN MANAGER will help you. 


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Thanks for this reply, but it's not the answer I was looking for. I don't think I was clear enough.


When I am in a library, I want to see all the ComponentSets in that library that are linked to a particular Footprint or Symbol.


It looks like the answer you gave allows me to look at all the Components in a schematic that use a particular Footprint.

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In the Content Manager (the panel on the left of the library editor) when you have an asset selected in the bottom area you see the details of the asset (footprint, symbol, etc).  There is a dropdown called "Using" which shows the assets using the current selection.  You can also double click assets from that window to open them in the editing workspace. 

Screenshot (18).png

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Ooooooooohh!! There it is! Thank you soo much! Mystery solved.

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