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Electronics library can't be unlinked from and other sync issues.

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Electronics library can't be unlinked from and other sync issues.

So a while back in an attempt to diagnose a big with the fusion electronics team we linked our fusion electronics library to a managed library. We've been trying to unlink it again because we do not use or standalone eagle. In the Library, under manage, I can click the "unlink from managed library on" button, save the library, and then the next time I open the library it appears to still be linked. I've done this probably 2 dozen times. I have had my co-worker, who owns the team we're working in, do the same thing with the same results. I cannot make this link go away. 

I'm also seeing a new error message in the last few weeks. When I save the li=brary the first time after opening and editing, I get this message:
"Packages from the Fusion Team are out of sync with the footprints in the library. Do you want to update the packages now?"

I have no idea what is causing this. I always hit yes, then I get a message that packages are updated save the library to save the changes. What is this message? Where is it coming from?

Lastly, in the last week I'm seeing a new problem with 3d packages not showing on boards. There is a proper packages defined, I can edit it and see the model. However when you view the package in the library the thumbnail just has a new message of "Error downgliding thumbnail: Wrong URN. NO asset ID defined. Retry". All board design files act like these packages don't exist. This one is particularly annoying because it means none of the boards populate 3d packages for any of the new devices we are creating. 


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