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Electronics design is awful compared to Eagle

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Electronics design is awful compared to Eagle

how can I display both schematic and PCB layout in interactive mode? fusion is good for small designs as it is confined to one window (even 3d design).


that's a deal breaker. as I understand eagle is bye-bye so bye-bye autodesk.


cad tools usually allow multiple windows for the same app so you can edit in one and look at another for reference / information / etc.

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in reply to: PavelKrupets

HI @PavelKrupets 

I hope you are doing well!

If I don't misunderstand, you want to have the Multi Window Multi Monitor (MWMM) feature in Fusion 360 Electronic.

The Schematic, 2d PCB and Electronic Library can support MWMM. (BTW, The 3D PCB can't support MWMM)

Would do mind dragging the schematic, 2d PCB or Electronic Library out of the main windows directly?

Then they can be a separate window. You can also drag them into the second monitor. 

Please have a try, thanks!



Panpan Fan


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AAAA!!! Thank you! I got so used to 3D editor not having multiple window on multiple monitors (which also sucks but less as my designs aren't too complicated) that I didn't try hard enough.


okay issue fixed.

thank you!

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in reply to: PavelKrupets

Hi @PavelKrupets 

I am glad that you have your problem solved.

Thanks for participating in Fusion Electronic Forum!

If you have other questions when using Fusion 360 Electronic, please let us know, thanks!



Panpan Fan

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