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Electronics crashes on any imported local library

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Electronics crashes on any imported local library

I've been uploading libraries from Ultra Librarian without issue until this afternoon.  After importing a library, not whenever I try to place a component from that library, fusion crashes.  I figured I just got a bad lib, so moved on, but now every library I try to upload and use causes a crash.  It's odd, because it's ONLY on new libraries, not on ones I've already added; I can add components from those without issue.

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in reply to: dmars1972

Hi @dmars1972 ,


I'm very sorry to hear that you're having trouble. I just tried to replicate the crash issue you're experiencing but unfortunately I didn't recreate it on my end. I downloaded library from ultra librarian then imported the library from local disk in the Library Manager. I didn't see any crash while adding parts form the library. Please feel free to let me know if i didn't follow your steps exactly.

To help us to get to the bottom of the issue you saw, could you please share with me the library that you imported in Fusion and ran into crash? It would be much more helpful.


Thanks for your help in adavance!


Best Regards,

Alin Peng

Alina Peng
SQA Engineer
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in reply to: AlinaPeng

A full reboot appears to have fixed the issue.


I don't remember which library first had the problem - it seems like it wasn't a specific one, just the number imported in a single session.  I think I added 15 or 20 and then this showed up.

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in reply to: dmars1972

I have been having the same issue as well. Tried reinstalling Fusion 360 and restarting the computer, still crashing whenever I try to insert a symbol from an external component library.

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in reply to: chase_h_martin

Hi @chase_h_martin 


Would you mind share with me the external library you met crash while inserting component in the schematic file? I'm having trouble to reproduce the crash on my side.

It would also be helpful if you can share with me you Email address. I would like to search in our CER System to take a closer look at the crash reports sent by you.


Thanks for your help in adavance! Sorry for the inconvenience!


Best Regards,


Alina Peng
SQA Engineer
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in reply to: dmars1972

Hi @chase_h_martin


Thanks very much for your help!


I figured out that this is an known crash which has been tracked in our system. What I can suggest here is that please make sure the changes are saved properly after importing components from Ultra library, and the new version of the library are created before adding components into the schematic file. In this way, it may can help you reduce the chance of seeing the crash.


Additionally, we have put a fix in the latest Fusion 360 Insider build V.2.0.16245 for May 2023 Major Product Update.
If you would like to have a try the Insider build earlier, please feel free to join in our Insider program by below link:
Want to get early access to new functionality? Become a Fusion 360 Insider


Best Regards,

Alina Peng
SQA Engineer
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Hi @dmars1972 , @chase_h_martin ,


Hope all is well.

Thank you for reporting this issue to us and sorry for any inconvenient. 


The good news is that we have fixed this issue in latest Fusion Production build 2.0.16265 this week.

Could you please upgrade to latest version and have a try? Thanks.


Hope you have a good day.


Best regards,


Helen Chen
Principle QA for Fusion 360 Electronics
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I have installed the new version and the issue is fixed. Thank you very
much for looking into this!

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