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Edit in Place moves component in wrong direction

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Edit in Place moves component in wrong direction

I have a electronic sensor on a PCB board that I am trying to align with a hole in my mechanical design.  I use Edit In Place on the board, and attempt to move the component.  However, the component moves in the wrong direction!   I'm attaching a screencast showing:


- My PCB board from a slight angle, so one can see movement in all 3 directions.  The hole in my mechanical design can be seen with the panel in ~80% opacity.

- I select edit in place, select to move 3d PCB component, and then select the component I want to move.
- Note that "Update 2D PCB" is greyed out.  Why is that?
- The axes that appear on the component show +x as left and +y as down.  When I inserted my PCB, those were flipped with x+ to right and +y as up.  (The new axes do not align with the main orientation cube in the upper right, either)

- As I use the arrows to move in y, the component moves in z.  When I use the arrows to move in x, the component moves in y.


Any help in understanding why the move direction is off, or why it is not seemingly connected to the 2D PCB would be appreciated.


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Hi @roatchristopher 

I hope you are doing well!

For the 'Update 2D PCB' greyed out issue, you need to open 2d PCB when you do the Edit in place.

For the wrong direction, something must be wrong with the your file. I use the demo file and it works for me.

If you don't mind, please send me your file to double check. It will help us to reproduce and fix the issue.

Thanks a lot!


Panpan Fan

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