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Edit 3D Package

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Edit 3D Package

Hi Guys,


I have .pcb from eagle, I push to fussion 360,  I can see the 3D board and all components (square), but I can not edit de package in order to add 3D package (Replace component body).

So I added the 3d package on eagle hope solve it, now I can see 3D package, but its lock retro, with out the details graphics, the 3D library on eagle lock great, in fusion 360 no... I need good graphics 3D....I saw a lot of videos, and I can see the fallowing procedure: Push board from Eagle to Fusion, open the board, In the time line, righ click on PCB board, Edit board, and in the package Righ clic Replace component body)...great!!!. But I can not do that, first, I can not see the PCB board icon on the time line,  I have 5 elements, 1.-Outline, 2.- Extrude1, Board Top, Board Bottom and Package:1, No edit menu when righ click on Package, top or bottom, only edit menu for Sketh and board (outline). I have Fusión the last one over Mac High Sierra.


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Hi @fidel75 ,


The other user asked the same question and I hope the answer in that post will help you:

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Ok, the workflow is different now. But I will Try to performance the procedure webinar video "Lear about EAGLE for PCB Design Package Creation!" and I am unable to edit the library on the cloud, I have this message "To edit this library, launch the Library Manager in EAGLE, ensure the library is downloaded and in use, and open it in the Library Editor"...Whats is the definitive workflows between PCB, Schematics, Library, library io, fusion 360?

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Iam still need support in order to edit library in the cloud (library i0). thanks

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I am unable to find the "replace component" feature when using the Mac version of Fusion 360 while in 3D PCB. The right click option on the body element does not show any "replace component" option as with the PC version. Please help.

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