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Eagle PCB Push creates corrupted PCB in Fusion 360

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Eagle PCB Push creates corrupted PCB in Fusion 360



I have a PCB that's been revised about 50 times with small position and new 3D model data, a few moments ago I moved a component by a small amount and pushed the design to Fusion 360 as I have done many times before, however on this occasion it took about half an hour and it seems that it has broken something as now I can no longer pull or push to that design with HTTP 500 error and the design will now not load with missing resource errors, I have since push the file successfully by breaking the Fusion 360 link and renaming the Eagle design to V2 and that all works fine but my problem is that the 3D encloser is based around the old board design and even though I can choose an old version of the PCB from the Enclosure design I am now unable to push to the original PCB design. 


In order to fix this I will have to scrap my old case design and begin again as there is no way to seamlessly include the freshly pushed and renamed PCB file, also the newly pushed PCB file has suddenly changed orientation in both the X and Y, i.e. including the exact same PCB file but renamed now inserts the design at right angles to the original in both the X and Y axis.


Frustration is starting to kick in so I'll leave it there.


Any help would be apricated.  


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