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Eagle PCB holes do not sync with 3D PCB in Fusion 360

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Eagle PCB holes do not sync with 3D PCB in Fusion 360



My holes in a footprint for a Cherry MX keyswitch will not sync with the 3D PCB.  My plated through holes sync, but not the "drill" holes.  I have checked with other footprints also.  Any ideas?

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Hello @jmsEH4LU ,


Can you check if there are any overlapped concentric circles in your design? I think most probably this is the reason.


If not, could you please share your pcb file so we can have a look at it?

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Hi, please see here 

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in reply to: jmsEH4LU

Thanks for sharing the file. When building 3D PCB, we assume the curves on dimension (20) layer represents the boundary of the board. So a valid board should have one and only one closed region formed by curves on dimension layer. This closed region will be used to build the 3D body of the board. In your shared design, the software is not able to tell which area should be filled with substrate:outline.png

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