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Eagle <-> Fusion PCB shape

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Eagle <-> Fusion PCB shape

My Eagle pcb started out originally as a circular board.    The mechanical team has changed the shape (circular but with various edge cutouts) and sent me a DWG file.    I imported the DWG into Fusion and used the "Create 3dPCB" feature to convert the DWG sketch outline to a PCB,  then linked the generated PCB to my Eagle design, pulled from Fusion.    This got the PCB w/ the correct shape but the PCB as imported is no longer centered at the correct position.   


I attempted to place some lines/circles at my desired reference point in the original sketch in hopes that I could use these as reference positions to move things exactly after pull to Eagle but it seems that the "Create 3dPCB" process removes all the inner markings/lines/etc.


Is there a way to create a "reference point" on the original sketch such that this reference gets preserved thru the Create 3dpcb process so I can then use the reference point as a handle to reposition the entire PCB outline after it arrives in Eagle?





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Hi Jim,

Please have a look at this video and see if it helps.




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in reply to: yqliu

Hi Richard,

Thank-you for taking the time to respond to my post.   I viewed the video several times and don't really understand how it relates to solving my problem.....sorry I'm a newbie w/ the MCAD stuff.     For one thing I was asking about pulling PCB shapes back into Eagle.....the video seems to be mostly using the Fusion ECAD workspace.


I did eventually develop a crude workaround procedure as follows ....


a)  When the mechanical guy designs the PCB outline they put a little triangle "tooth" sticking from the outline.    The apex of the tooth is understood to be intended to be a known coordinates in the Eagle brd editor coordinate space.

b)  Convert outline to 3d pcb (including the tooth)

c)  Link Eagle brd to the 3d pcb shape created in step b) and pull from Fusion.    This will get the outline imported into eagle but the location will be off from the PCB center that I want.

d)  Select one of the edges of the "tooth" and note the current coordinates of the apex of the tooth.     From these values compute the amount of displacement required to bring the point/apex of the tooth to the desired final position.    Call these values (xdisplacement, ydisplacement)

e)  Select the entire outline and then issue the command line "move (>0 0) (xdisplacement ydisplacement)"   where x/y displacement are the values computed in step d).     This will bring the entire PCB outline into the correct position.

f)  Smooth off the "tooth" by editing the contour in the dimension layer

g)  Push the new PCB contour back to Fusion (probably make a different design!) 


Wow .... that gets the job done but it was tedious!





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in reply to: jalXX5MG

Hi Jim,

Sorry i misinterpreted "the original sketch" as the one from imported DWG.

If I understand correctly, what you need is to adjust the position of the sketch to match the origin of the PCB in EAGLE. In that case, the other approach is you can push your PCB to Fusion first (with a rough outline), then run the "edit the sketch" command in 3D PCB and insert your Dxf ( Only Dxf is accepted here but since you have Dwg, you can convert it into Dxf easily). After that, you can adjust the imported sketch based on the geometries from EAGLE.





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Thank-you for the additional suggestion.    I will try this next time I
have to perform this function.


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