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Eagle Library Migration to Fusion 360 + integration

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Eagle Library Migration to Fusion 360 + integration

I've spent lots of time cruising through different videos and tutorials regarding this topic, but it seems that the environment is constantly changing and things that worked months ago have changed enough that the relevant menus, options, etc. are not present.  


I'm a long time user of Eagle, and we're currently making a big jump from an older version (before Autodesk involvement) to the latest and greatest.  I have my own Eagle library with hundreds of components, and would like to migrate that library to include 3D models.  I've settled with the fact that once I start doing this, I'm going to have to make a clean break with the older version of Eagle, because I don't want to make components in an older version, while the 360 version has some 3D models etc. creating inconsistencies. 


I've followed this workflow (message 10):


But I have a couple questions. 

-Can I grab 3D models from and associate them with components in the library from Fusion 360?  I see the 'Create New 3D Model' but the 'Attach Copy of Existing 3D Model' is greyed out.  

-Once I create a model (say of an 0805 chip cap), I assume I save that in 'Libraries -> STEP Files' - the new folder created according to the above workflow?


I'm sure there will be more questions, but I appreciate the responsiveness on this forum!




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I also have this issue. Why is the "Attach Copy of Existing 3D Model" option greyed out?

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Hello Everyone,


I hope you're doing well. Attach copy of Existing 3D model means a model existing in the current library. It doesn't refer to models on


Sorry for the confusion, I've sent this to our XD team for review to see if the language can be made more clear. I'll see if there's a way to add models from directly into Fusion Team libraries. I don't see any way right now.


Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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