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Dynamic Grid per Footprint and/or Multiple Quick-Select User Grid Definitions

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Dynamic Grid per Footprint and/or Multiple Quick-Select User Grid Definitions

For some time now I am struggling with positioning and routing wires between different pitch parts on a single PCB. I am having to constantly change my grid sizes and units leaving me far less efficient and a bit frustrated. 


There are a number of BGA footprints that are ether metric or imperial and some have a mix of pin pitches within one footprint to help with fanout/escape routing.


Can the Fusion Electronics team introduce multiple user grid settings with the ability to quickly jump between them using a drop-down or a keyboard shortcut? Each saved grid setting would have primary and alt grid settings with units. It would also be useful if you could bind a grid setting to a footprint within your design so as you enter the boundary of a BGA footprint the routing will adjust to the alignment grid bound to that footprint.


I have discussed the need for this with the fusion team in the past but it doesn't seem to have much priority. Does anyone else seem to have the same need or am I not using a feature that already exists in Fusion Electronics?




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