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Discrepancy in footprint of component in Library and Board file

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Discrepancy in footprint of component in Library and Board file

Hello Everyone,

I am using Fusion 360 to make circuits and 2 Layer PCBs.

I tried importing the symbol and footprint of USB C Connector from GCT: USB4056-03-A (Product Link).


Image 1 is the footprint I see within the library; Image 2 is the footprint the software displays on the board file.


Image 1: footprint in libraryImage 1: footprint in library


Image 2: Footprint on Board FileImage 2: Footprint on Board File


The drill size and pad diameter, shape Round for B1 - B12 Vias are 0.4mm(15.74803 mil) and 0.6mm(23.62205 mil)

and Shield points are Long Shade Pad with dimensions Drill: 0.5mm(19.68504 mil) and 0.6mm(23.62205 mil)


When I import this component on my schematic and board, the diameters of the Through Hole Components is increasing. Am I missing a certain setting in the Board File?

Please do help out, facing this issue for the first time.


Thank You in advance.

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in reply to: k.mahuvarkar

Hi @k.mahuvarkar 

I hope you are doing well!
It is caused by annular ring setting in DRC.

You can find more in

Hope it can help.



Panpan Fan

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in reply to: k.mahuvarkar

Thank You @panpan_fan 

This worked out for me.

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