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Disable auto ID numbering

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Disable auto ID numbering

I need help with panelizing PCBs. I am Raymond Warner, an instructor at Sierra College in Rocklin CA. Last semester 6 of my students used Eagle to create their PCBs. To save setup fees, I panelized the PCBs. It was not until they were returned form the PCB house, that I notice the part names had all changed. We are now using Fusion Electronics.

Is there a way to disable auto numbering? Is there a way to panelize the individual PCBs without changing the part names?

The extensions I have reviewed are creating multiple copies of the same PCB. Is there an extension that would allow me to import my students PCBs without affecting the part names?

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If I understand, problem is with auto re-numerating after duplicating. Try to perhaps paste each one schematic to separated sheets?

I do not know if it help you but there is an ULP script which remunerate all the parts. In the past I have used it but to be honest I have forgotten. I am not sure but probably you can select part of the circuit or even entire sheet and run ULP within selection area or apply just for a one sheet. But then they all are again numerated.


The other idea is to work with gerbers and duplicate them somehow? If you insert new parts it is logic that they must be re-numarate to have an unique reference, this we can not avoid othweise we could have reference conflict.

PCB manufacters somehow works for sure with gerbers because they ask if you order more than 5 pcs if they can panelize them, to safe money( their money).

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