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Differential pairs width and clearance does not work according to the net class rules!

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Differential pairs width and clearance does not work according to the net class rules!



I am facing difficulty in routing differential pairs. I am using the widths and clearances from MULTICB.


My differential pairs are setup properly with _P and _N affixed to the end. (BTW Fusion fails to recognise them if I have 0_P or 1_P as a prefix!!!). Fusion is recognising my differential pairs but not routing them according to the values I need! I read another post that specified that if my DRC is set to a larger value than my netclass rules then the DRC has a higher priority than the netclass rules.

But even after catering to these rules, the track width is NOT according to the netclass I have created. What is the point of netclasses if the DRC is going to ignore these rules set for specific groups of signals? My net classes are currently set as follows and I have attached the drc files exported from fusion.




This area is so ambiguous with little to no information available officially from AutoDesk! Please help.



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Hi there - this is definitely an area that could use improvement and causes a lot of confusion right now.


Could it be that the widths you have specified in the DRC dialog are more strict than the ones you have in the net class settings?

Pieter-Jan Van de Maele
Senior Engineering Manager, Fusion Electronics

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